What is a Hair Prosthesis?

A hair prosthesis also known as a cranial prosthesis are medical terms used to describe a wig primarily used for reasons of medical hair loss as opposed to a wig used for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. It is important to note that a wig used for medical hair loss can be worn by someone without medical hair loss if they so choose. There are no hard and fast rules in terms of wig preferences!

Coils to Locs wigs are made with hair loss in mind, (without comb attachments and with silicone “grips” in place of sewn in wig cap combs). 

If you are experiencing medical hair loss, check with your health insurance, or your doctor or patient care advocate to understand whether or not you are eligible to be reimbursed for a wig due to medical hair loss directly with your health insurance provider. 

Tips for Approaching Your Health Insurance Provider for Reimbursement 

There are also organizations that donate wigs to patients going through chemotherapy or possibly other forms of hair loss who cannot afford a wig.  Check with your hospital’s patient advocacy department.