All of our wigs are average size. All wigs come with optional wig bands to adjust for fit for slightly smaller head sizes. 

We know that there are women with very petite or larger head sizes that would love to wear our wigs. As we expand our products, we will feature larger size wigs, (23 inches circumference). We are also interested in adding a variety of styles and sizes for children as well in the future.

We need your feedback! Let us know if you are interested in alternative wig sizes and be notified when we expand our wig line by sending an email to with the Subject Line: “Notify me when you get additional wig sizes” and we’ll be sure to reach out when we expand our line. 

Circumference:  21.5 inches
Ear to Ear: 13.5 inches
Front to Back: 14.25 inches

Measurement Tips

Before Measuring

If you plan to wear your wig with a wig liner underneath, you should measure your head while wearing the wig cap.  

If you have hair, your hair should be pulled back or wrapped in the way that it will be when you wear the wig. 

Taking Measurements

Circumference:  Place the tape measure at the front center area of your hairline. While holding the tape measure at its starting point, wrap the tape measure behind your ear, around the nape of your neck, behind the second ear, and back to the center of your hairline as if you were making a circle around your head to capture the measurement. Write down the measurement.

Ear to Ear: Adjust the starting point of the tape measure to the highest point behind your left ear.  While holding the beginning of the tape measure behind your left ear, smooth the other end of the tape from behind the left ear to the top center point of the head, holding it taut until the other end of the tape measure reaches the top of the right ear. Write down the measurement.  

Front to Back:  Place you tape measure at the center point of your hairline, near the forehead. While holding the tape measure, bring the rest of the tape measure over the top center point of your head and down the back of the head to the nape of the neck. Write down this measurement.