Our Story

I’m Dianne Austin, cancer survivor and thriver!

In 2011, I decided to stop relaxing my hair and I transitioned to my beautiful tightly coiled, kinky curly hair. My sister, Pamela Shaddock and I actually started a blog, Natural Haircare News to address the unique challenges of wearing one’s hair natural in our society as well as the beauty and joy of natural hair. 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years later in 2015 and it was during a visit with my oncologist that I learned that the strong chemotherapy cocktail prescribed by my doctor would result in the loss of my hair, along with the loss of my eyebrows and lashes...

It was important for me to keep some semblance of normalcy during a difficult time in my life. For me, that meant finding a wig that looked like my natural hair. 

I was given a wig prescription and I tried to find a highly textured wig that I could purchase with my health insurance (reimbursement) but that was not as easy as it sounds in the medical hair loss space. My sister Pamela, who experienced another common form of hair loss for Black women, traction alopecia, and I decided to end this healthcare disparity in the medical hair loss space.

Coils to Locs, which launched in the winter of 2019, is a wig resource for women of color searching for high quality synthetic, coily, curly wig styles at cancer center hospitals and medical hair loss salons and now we are providing access for a curated line of wigs directly on our online store. We started this business because we are our customers. We understand the Black hair culture and the unique needs of Black women specifically with highly textured, tightly coiled hair and every range in between through our own lived experience and through that of our family and friends.

If you have experienced medical hair loss, or you are faced with non-medical related alopecia, consider Coils to Locs wigs. And don’t forget…you don’t need to have hair loss to enjoy one of our wigs!  We cater to women interested in wigs just because!

Want a Personalized Experience?

Consider Shopping with our Hospital and Hair Loss Boutique Partners

For women with medical hair loss who are interested in shopping in a private retail setting, our high quality synthetic wigs can be found at these hospital locations across the country. *

* The wig styles sold by our hospital vendors as well as retail pricing are different than the wig styles sold in our online store. Some locations may only cater to individuals with medical hair loss so call ahead and speak to a representative.