Optional Wig Band & Wig Cap


What are the loose bands with hooks found inside my wig?

The wig bands inside your wig are an "extra", and the bands do not need to be installed in the wig in order to wear it. We have provided the bands to be used if preferred for those who may be interested in adjusting the fit of their wig by hand sewing the bands onto the wig cap to adjust the fit. Our wigs are made with comfort in mind, particularly for individuals with hair loss, although anyone can wear our wigs.

Do I need to add the wig band in order to wear the wig?

No, the bands are not required to wear the wig. The vast majority of people wear our wigs without the bands. The silicone grip strip allows for the wig to stay securely. 

How do I know which part of the wig is the front and which is the back?

It's easy! The silicone grips are shaped like a "U" with the top of the "U" placed at either side of the temple areas. The front of the wig, (the part that is placed on the hairline/forehead area does not have a silicone grip strip.

front of wig - no silicone grip strips
silicone grip strip