Wig Sizing Guide

At Coils to Locs, we want all of our customers to have the perfect fit for their wig. While our wigs come in an average size, we do offer optional wig bands to adjust for slightly smaller head sizes. We understand that not everyone has an average size head, so as we expand our product line, we plan to feature larger size wigs with a circumference of 23 inches. We are also looking into adding a variety of styles and sizes for children in the future.

To make sure you get the right fit, we recommend taking measurements before ordering. Our wigs have a circumference of 21.5 inches, ear to ear of 13.5 inches, and front to back of 14.25 inches. To measure your head, make sure to wear a wig cap or whatever you plan to wear under the wig to get an accurate measurement. Pull your hair back or wrap it in the way you plan to wear it.

How to measure your head?

How to Measure Your Head

  • For the circumference measurement, place the tape measure at the front center of your hairline and wrap it behind your ears, around the nape of your neck, behind the other ear, and back to the starting point (circumference: 21.5 inches)
  • For the ear to ear measurement, start at the highest point behind your left ear and bring the tape measure across the top of your head to the top of your right ear (Ear to Ear: 13.5 inches).
  • For the front to back measurement, start at the center of your hairline near your forehead and bring the tape measure over the top of your head and down to the nape of your neck (Front to Back: 14.25 inches)


If you find that your head size doesn't fit our average size wig, don't worry. We're always looking to improve our product line and would love to hear from you. Send us an email at customercare@coilstolocs.com with the subject line "Notify me when you get additional wig sizes" and we'll make sure to reach out when we expand our line. At Coils to Locs, we want to make sure everyone can find the perfect wig for their needs.

 Wig Positioning & Fitting Do's And Don'ts

We need your feedback! Let us know if you are interested in alternative wig sizes and be notified when we expand our wig line by sending an email to customercare@coilstolocs.com with the Subject Line: “Notify me when you get additional wig sizes” and we’ll be sure to reach out when we expand our line.