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Coils to Locs has curated an exclusive line of hospital vendor only wigs not sold on our online store which caters to Black women with all forms of hair loss or who just love wearing wigs.

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Coils to Locs was started by Dianne Austin, a cancer survivor, and her sister Pamela who lives with traction alopecia.When faced with chemotherapy hair loss, Dianne searched the city where she was being treated and eventually reached out to major hospitals and hair loss salons across the U.S. with the help of her sister Pamela. They could not find a wig in any of these medical spaces in place to support individuals living with hair loss that looked like the tightly coiled hair that she was losing, so she and her sister started a wig line that specializes in beautiful, high-quality coily, curly synthetic wigs that could be sold at hospitals and hair loss salons.

Dianne and Pamela, Coils to Locs founders


Patients are seeking out hair loss retailers who offer coily, curly wig alternatives

Wig Diversity

The current medical hair loss market, particularly but not exclusively in hospital retail spaces that support women with hair loss, is not diverse in terms of wig style choices, as most of these spaces only carry straight-haired wigs.

Natural Wig Preferences

Black women have shifted from straightening their hair to wearing their hair natural (un-straightened), and those interested in wigs want wig styles that reflect their cultural preferences.

Cultural Wig Empowerment

Culturally sensitive wigs are important to Black women regardless of hair loss. Black women spend more than any other group on ethnic hair products, including wigs, by 86%, according to data from Nielsen.

Hair Loss Stats

Almost 50% of Black women in the U.S. alone are living with some form of medical/non-medical hair loss. (We currently do not have data available for the Canadian market)

Black Women Regularly Tell Us How Frustrated They Are About the Lack of Culturally Sensitive Alternatives in Medical Hair Loss Spaces.

"I am a breast surgeon, and I see women every day lament the lack of available wigs. As a bIack woman, I began going to both medical and cosmetic wig stores to see what options were available for my African American patients, only to find wanting."

Dr. Melanie Whitten

"It’s so hard to find a natural hair wig specifically for medical hair loss. Most cancer center boutiques cater to white patients or think we all want long, straight hair. It’s frustrating!" *

Beryl T.

"Would like to see a better variety and more representation of hair textures for people/women experiencing hair loss. Being able to find a wig that is close to your own texture makes a difference."*

Ashley  C.

"So excited to hear that there are more options for women experiencing chemo & hair loss. I have made this journey & know how important the right wig was for my self-esteem & comfort."*

Cherly C.

*The testimonials are real, but due to HIPPA laws these are stock photos simply for illustration purposes.

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