Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not!  We have a special place in our hearts for Black and Brown women with tightly coiled or curly hair who have not been able to find a wig in medical spaces that are culturally sensitive, but our wigs can be purchased by any woman regardless of whether or not they have hair loss. We often hear from women who just like wearing wigs! 

The difference in our wigs is that they do not have combs in them. The wigs have a silicone band for added security. We also provide optional use wide wig bands that can be sewn in if needed to adjust the wig.

Our hair prosthesis, (wigs used for medical hair loss) are high-quality synthetic wigs made from Japanese fibers. As you can see from the images shown or our wig styles, the synthetic hair looks very natural, and not overly shiny or “plastic” looking. That’s one of the major differences between our wigs and a synthetic wig that is purchased at some beauty supply stores for example.

We do not process healthcare payments or reimbursements directly from our website, but we do provide some guidance on how to go through the reimbursement process if your health plan offers reimbursement for a hair prosthesis. Click here for details.

Coils to Locs does not have retail locations but we do partner with several cancer center hospitals and medical hair loss boutiques across the country. If you are someone who wants to touch, feel, and try on a wig, reach out to our medical partners* near you.

*Please note that the wigs sold at our partner locations are a special line of wig styles than what we sell in our online store. You can check out the wig styles of our hospital partners here). Pricing is determined by location.

Please check out our wig tutorial videos here.  We also provide wig care information with all wig purchases. 

Good question! The short answer is yes!  Similar to “real” tightly coiled or “natural hair”, in order to preserve the curl pattern and prevent excessive frizz, you should never comb, brush or roughly handle the wig hair.  Please review our wig tutorials for step-by-step instructions to support your ability to manage and educate your staff and clients on the handling of our high-quality synthetic wigs.

No we do not (although we will be designing wigs with monofilament caps in the next 12 months). Our closed caps are created without comb attachments and a silicone strip around the perimeter of the cap for additional security. All wigs with the exception of our Kimmie Caps come with additional sew-in wig bands for optional use.

We will accept returns of unworn, undamaged wigs in its original packaging within ten (10) days from purchase.

We’re glad you asked… Within the next 12 months, we will offer Coils to Locs synthetic wig care shampoo and conditioners, nourishing scalp oils, and head wraps, along with other products. 

We recognize that according to data, most people have “average” size heads, that there are those individuals that have heads that are much larger or smaller than the average wig size. (Our CEO fits in the larger size category)! We made the decision as a small business to focus on the average size head, but as the business grows, we will accommodate larger/smaller wig sizes.

Not at this time but we plan to expand our wig line to include children and men in the near future. 

We believe in our mission to disrupt healthcare disparities and give back to our community at large and we have been actively engaged in community outreach several years before the business was officially launched in late 2019.  

Although we are a social impact business, we are also an early-stage for-profit startup; a startup which at this stage does not have the financial resources of our competitors to donate wigs. 

Our mission within the next two years is to scale the business so that we will be able to support the needs of those organizations that are under-resourced but who are interested in wig donations for the underserved. In the meantime, we continue to work with those organizations that are able to purchase our wigs and provide them for free to those in need.