Alopecia, Family, and Faith: Patricia's Quest for Hair Restoration

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I have alopecia. My journey began with thick, beautiful hair at birth. After my father died in 1993, I was diagnosed with hypertension and started medication. I received my alopecia diagnosis from a dermatologist at Kaiser. She prescribed injections and oral and topical treatment, including Rogaine. I developed heavy hair growth on my face, arms, hands, toes and vaginal area. I stopped all recommendations from this Dermatologist.  patricia hair loss story

I attempted to use black castor oil, biotin, and recently Tabitha Brown's Donna's Recipe with no success.

At the moment, I am keeping my head close shaved, wearing wigs, using Purador products, castor oil, massages, and prayer. I have type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. I lived a vegan lifestyle for one year. Now, I eat seafood, eggs, cheese, and vegetarian meals as much as possible. Sometimes, I develop unexplainable bumps in my scalp when my A1C is out of control. I feel hopeless at times.  

In the '70s, my mother and I used to apply straightening perms to each other's hair. At 84, my mother died from cancer that had spread throughout her body. The doctors took away her diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol medication during hospice. Her hair grew in the last nine months after beating cancer before her death. 

I would love to restore my hair.

Patricia Tate-Camacho

If you or someone you know has encountered effective remedies, tips, or personal stories of hair restoration, please share them with us in the comments below. Your insights can inspire and encourage those who rely on our products for their journey to renewed confidence and self-expression.

Together, we can continue uplifting and empowering individuals facing hair loss within our Coils to Locs community and beyond.

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