Denise’s Natural Hair Loss Journey: Dealing with Alopecia with the Help of Her Daughter

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How did you learn that you have cancer? How did you come to terms with your diagnosis? 

I do not have cancer. I have alopecia.  

What surprised you most about your experience with cancer?

I started losing my hair about nine years ago.


What did you learn from this experience or what advice do you have that will be helpful for others faced with a similar journey?

Greetings Diane and Pamela I am not a cancer patient, however, I do have alopecia and I have had the same experience you have had Diane trying to find a wig that I would not mind wearing. I have shaved my head very low and although I’ve gotten many compliments I did not feel comfortable. My daughter is currently braiding my hair in different styles that cover the bold areas but still my hair is very close to my head because it’s in the process of growing back from me shaving it. I have searched many beauty supply stores and online to find a wig that I’m comfortable wearing. By the way I really don’t like wearing wigs because of my hot flashes and because I just don’t think they look natural on me. I have told my daughter that she should do the same thing that you’re doing now. We laughed when we saw you on Hoda and Jenna because I said see I told you you should’ve done this. I am so grateful that you did Diane hope you are healing in your journey. I know many women of color will benefit from your company.

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